These 8 Browser Extensions Stole Data From Millions: Uninstall Right Now!

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Sam Jidali, a cybersecurity expert, researcher and analyst, recently discovered a massive data leak by a total 8 browser extensions which has caused this massive leak

8 Browser Extensions Stole Data From Millions

These 8 Browser Extensions Stole Data From Millions: Uninstall Right Now! 1

These browser addons or extensions have leaked data from 45 major companies and over 4 million individuals to a fee-based service called “Nacho Analytics.” The lead has been termed as DataSpii. It has been estimated that these extensions have collected and distributed the users data such as personal data, browsing data related to companies such as Skype, Wallmart, Amazon , Apple and lot of other companies.

You can obtain the full list of companies from here

What Type Of Data Was Leaked?

These browser addons have captured lot of sensitive data such as medical information and credit card details of the people using them. This was all unauthorized access and the permission was not provided by the browser.

It has been reported that these extensions have managed to collect other information such as GPS locations, credit card numbers and details, file attachments and online shopping history.

What are those browser extensions which caused the data leak?

The browser addons for Mozilla Firefox and Google Chrome which caused this major data leak are as follows:

  1. Branded Surveys(Chrome)
  2. FairShare Unlock (Chrome and Firefox)
  3. HoverZoom (Chrome)
  4. Panel Community Surveys (Chrome)
  5. PanelMeasurement (Chrome
  6. Helper (Firefox)
  7. SpeakIt! (Chrome)
  8. SuperZoom (Chrome and Firefox)

The Data Leak Flowchart Representations

These 8 Browser Extensions Stole Data From Millions: Uninstall Right Now! 2

What You Need To Do?

Since the data is huge first check whether you have these extensions installed on your Chrome or Firefox browser. If yes then remove it immediately.

The Chrome and Firefox have taken down these browser extension already so you won’t find them. Just in case if you have them installed just manually remove them immediately.


If you want to listen to the audio, then here is the link

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