The Most Nasty ‘Zip Bomb’ Which Can Explode A 46MB File To 4.5 PetaBytes

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Can you imagine a simple looking 46MB zip file so dangerous that when unzipped can explode into a 4.5 Petabytes size. If this happens you computer will be unresponsive and unavailable.

Nasty ‘Zip Bomb’ Which Can Explode A 46MB File

The Most Nasty 'Zip Bomb' Which Can Explode A 46MB File To 4.5 PetaBytes

With so many technological advances there are some bad things also. Recently a researcher found a very clever type of “Zip Bomb” which the researcher has claimed that there are multiple layers of zipped file. These nested files are so packed that once the final file gets unzipped then this simple 46MB file will explode into a humongous file of 4.5 Petabytes

So now let’s understand how much data exactly is 4.5 Petabytes. If you collect 10 billion photos on Facebook then that file size is equivalent to 1.5 Petabytes. So this means that this Zip Bomb contains 30 Billion Facebook photos which the creator has managed to zip into a 46MB file.

So What Exactly Is This Zip Bomb

Programmer and Engineer David Fifield has developed this Zip Bomb. This bomb can also be called as Compression Bomb. It basically contains a malware variant which once decompressed takes all over your hard drive and makes your computer unresponsive as well as unavailable.

How does a zip bomb work?

decompression bomb or zip bomb is a malicious archive file that contains a lot of repeated data that can crash the program reading it. Also known as the ‘zip of death’, a zip bomb is often used to render an antivirus program useless, so that more traditional viruses can gain entry into a system.

How Is This Zip Bomb Created

David Fifield’s Zip Bomb is quite dangerous over existing Compression Bombs because it doesn’t rely on the recursion to achieve the compression. He managed to created a layer or nested zip files which helped him achieve the ultimate compression than traditional archiving methods.

Since David has not based on recursion method hence it will go undetected by the regular antivirus software. This makes it a very very dangerous


Never ever download anything from any unreliable source. We understand that people know this. But this is also true that even after this knowledge people fall prey to this.

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