How Can Businesses Leverage LinkedIn to Generate B2B Leads on Automation?

how to generate b2b leads on linkedin

How to Generate B2b Leads on Linkedin: Lead generation comes as the most important aspect to climb up the growth and success ladder. So, what has your business been doing to generate leads?

As a matter of fact, you must be eyeing social media. But how successful have your attempts been at driving and converting leads from there? Not much, you’d answer!

Well, as much as people brag about social media being the ultimate channel for lead generation and conversion, the fact is that these platforms are just over-rated.

One must believe that Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter would bring in leads because, of course, these platforms have a tremendously wide audience. However, in an attempt to keep working on these platforms, you just forget the one platform that really works! LINKEDIN! Yes, this is the social media platform that brings in the most leads.

Obviously, LinkedIn has a much lower audience base. So, you might think, how’s this better than any of Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter combined. Well, that’s the catch here!

While LinkedIn has a lower audience base, the users here are professionals. They’re into business and work, opportunities, and business is what they’re looking for on the platform.

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter are platforms made for friendship and entertainment. People go on looking for memes, videos, reels, and other entertaining stuff on these platforms. However, when people open their LinkedIn profiles, they mean business. They are either seeking opportunities or are providing them.

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This very purpose of LinkedIn makes it different and ultimately a HUB for LEAD GENERATION!

But then, leads are not in any way waiting for you around there. You need to know that there’s nothing as a free lunch; apples are not falling from the trees to strike an idea in your mind. To put it straight, you can’t just keep waiting for the leads to come around. You need to work around to make the leads come around.

The competition is high, and you need to wipe the floor with your competitors to get your target audience from right under their noses. The question is, how do you do that? How do you exactly work on LinkedIn to generate B2B leads, and that too in a competitive technology like automation?

Well, that’s what this article is all about. In this article, I have discussed some amazing ways and strategies for how businesses can leverage LinkedIn to Generate B2B Leads on Automation and, for that matter, in every other technology and business sphere.

Let’s get on to these strategies!

4 Strategies to Leverage LinkedIn for B2B Lead Generation

As I have mentioned before in this article, LinkedIn is all business. So, you’ve got millions of opportunities to connect with other business enthusiasts and companies and work a way around to sell them your products and services or come to some good business engagement and association with them.

However, this entire process requires a lot of work on your end. As I said, you’ll need to work for lead generation. Basically, you’ll need to come up with things that would make the businesses want to know more about you and engage with you. You’ll need to provide them with an attractive and lucrative piggy bank where they would be lured to put in their money.

Luckily enough, there are some very easy and full-proof ways to accomplish this. Let’s have a look!

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Convert Your Company Page to a Lead Page

You can create a company page on LinkedIn. Well, that’s something every business is doing. Why don’t you notch it up a bit and convert your LinkedIn Company Page to a Lead Page?

Landing Pages are the best ways to generate leads. You can easily drive your target audience to your website and make them explore more about your business, and finally engage with you by just having an attractive landing page.

Since you have more B2B audience on LinkedIn, it would be an amazing place to have your landing page.

You need not do much for this, except to go a little extra mile in designing your LinkedIn Company Page.

Begin with having a nice cover picture on your LinkedIn Page. That’s where the magic begins. Pictures attract the instant attention of your audience. So, start driving your leads from here itself by adding some lead magnet to your cover photo.

Secondly, think deeper about your company description. The company description is not something that has to be written in a jiffy. It needs to be planned well before being put to words.

People don’t really want to read how big a company you are or how far you’ve come along. They rather want to know what you’ve got to offer them. So, rather than writing up just some lines about your company’s services, vision, and mission, create everything as a story.

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Start with a catchphrase that will touch the pain points of the businesses. This is utterly important because LinkedIn will anyway show just the first two lines and continue with a “See More” button. So, the first two lines need to be highly compelling to make the readers want to click and read further. Once they get to reading, they’ll engage and convert to your leads and subsequently clients.

Keep Posting Regularly On Your LinkedIn Profile

Once you’ve created an attractive page on LinkedIn, it’s necessary to constantly drive attention to it. Probably, not everyone will click through just by reading the descriptions on your company page. It’s better to attract such businesses and people by constantly letting them in on what they’re missing.

Keep updating your latest activities and initiatives on your LinkedIn page, and make sure to add some lead magnets and CTA buttons to these updates. As the businesses will start engaging, they’ll start converting as your leads and clients.

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Groups are the Key

LinkedIn is a community, and you can find many different groups on this platform. Each group is a separate entity and community in itself and has a number of businesses looking for services, solutions, and other opportunities. Leverage these groups to your advantage.

You can search and join the groups that are relevant to your business and start connecting with people and businesses in these groups. You can respond to requirements or present a business deal or opportunity to your prospective leads.

Additionally, you can start your own company group on LinkedIn and go on to build your own community. As you do that, you get connected with more and more people. You can discuss business opportunities with these people, and who knows, you strike a deal.

The better you leverage the groups on LinkedIn, the higher your chances for B2B lead generation on the platform.

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Put LinkedIn Automation Tools to Use

Wouldn’t it be great if you could use some automation for all the lead generation processes, considering that it’s so hectic and time-consuming? Luckily enough, you can do that with Linkedojet which is a LinkedIn Automation Tool (Software) on Cloud!

LinkedIn has a number of automation tools that can help you build more connections on your profile, send messages to prospective leads, build groups and communities, and do a lot of other things necessary for lead generation.

All you need to do is just set some triggers and do some customization, just like you’re offering in the automation services you’re looking forward to promoting and generating leads for!

What these automation tools would do for you can be best understood by you because you know the power of automation. So, leverage these tools to the best of your understanding, and you’ll be easily able to leverage LinkedIn to generate B2B Leads on Automation.

Additionally, these automation tools will help alike in generating leads on any other service or product you’re trying to market, deliver, and sell.

Final Words

LinkedIn has unlimited capabilities for business growth and success. All one needs to know are the right strategies, tactics, and tricks.

Once you know what ticks, you can play on it and ensure that your audience engages and converts. All it takes to convert a business to join hands with you and become your lead and client is to offer them exactly the solution they’re looking for.

LinkedIn is a hub where people put up their business problems, seek solutions, and pounce on them at the first opportunity they get. So, if you keep your eyes and ears open, you’ll see and hear brilliant opportunities on LinkedIn and would easily be able to grab them with the right tactics at your hands.

I hope this article has helped you with at least some strategies. How soon are you starting to work on them? I would say begin now so that you can leverage this incredible platform at its best to generate B2B leads and bring in some lucrative, profitable, and engaging business!

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