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IPVanish Reviews 2022: What You Need To Know Right Now

IPVanish Reviews: Is IPVanish VPN any good? While searching for the reviews related to IPVanish many times you might have thought of whether it is any good or not.

So in this review, we will try to analyse it from various angles.

So let’s get started with the IPVanish review

ipvanish reviews by byteswiki

IPVanish Reviews

If you are looking for a budget-friendly option for VPN services then you can check IPVanish VPN. It offers high-speed quality VPN services at fairly affordable prices. It has some really cool and advanced features which make it highly secured too.

In this IPVanish Reviews, we will let you know what we tried and how we tested it on various things.

Is IPVanish free?

First of all, let’s address this question that whether IPVanish is free or not?

We have seen a rise in the users of IPVanish, primarily because of the unlimited bandwidth and unlimited server switching which is one of the prime reason for its popularity.

People therefore now seek to have some kind of method to have IPVanish for free.

IPVanish is having a 7 days free trial. Now the problem is this trial is only limited to iOS devices. They do offer a money-back guarantee for the same.

IPVanish & Netflix: How Is The Streaming?

The location spoofing is quite good with IPVanish. This works really well. Netflix, however, blocks the VPN services in order to provide geographical and location-based services.

Now with IPVanish, we have found in our testing that it can help you unblock the Netflix on nearly all the servers. It was also reported to provide the fast streaming services which can help enjoy the content in the best possible manner.

What Is The IPVanish Speed Review

There are many speculations about the IPVanish speed and many questions are already being asked on the internet. We would try to answer all these questions so that you get all the relevant information at one place only.

1) Will IPVanish stop buffering? 

IPVanish provides a very sturdy connection with a lot of capacity. It also provides a high level of privacy protection. Buffering is an issue faced by nearly everyone who uses a VPN connection for streaming. It is a fact that buffering wastes time and people do not like it.

When you are connected to a VPN, the connection speed is a bit slow, however, we assure you that you will hardly notice the slow speed.

The speed of a VPN is measured in terms of ping, download speed and upload speed. During our tests, we found that there was really a negligible change in speed while browsing.

2) Does IPVanish slow down your internet? 

The speed of the internet depends upon the following factors:

  • The distance between the VPN server you are trying to connect to and your location
  • The distance between the VPN server and the website you want to visit
  • The number of people using the VPN server
  • The VPN tunnelling protocol you are using
  • The routes your device or our server must take to retrieve your requested content

IPVanish + Torrenting Reviews: Is It Good Or Bad?

With IPVanish subscription, you get to have unlimited P2P connections which really help you to do safe torrenting and also stay anonymous. However, we experienced a bit of slow speed which was acceptable yet it will go unnoticed by many.

What Are The Security Features With IPVanish Reviews?

With a VPN all users want to stay safe and anonymous. There might be a lot of questions in the minds of the users about the privacy, safety and security of them.

With recent claims by IPVanish, they have stated that they are not keeping the logs and now they have a strict no-logs policy.

The new company Stackpath which owns IPVanish now has stated now guarantees that they do not keep logs.

Adblockers: Do they have one?

IPVanish is not having an inbuilt adblocker with them. If you need one then you can always go ahead and install and 3rd party adblockers when you are connected to an IPVanish server.

Conclusion Of IPVanish Reviews

After doing all the tests with IPVanish Reviews we can say the following:

  1. It’s easy to use.
  2. Good security features.
  3. Good speed.

However, there were few negatives also with IPVanish. These are as follows:

  1. Streaming and online entertainment may lag a bit.
  2. Unable to bypass VPN blocks.
  3. Sometimes there is an issue with geo-restricted content.

So to conclude if your concern is privacy then IPVanish is very good however if you want to have unrestricted entertainment without any geo-restrictions then you will have to consider other options.

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