How to Get GPS Coordinates from Google Maps? | Step By Step ( 1 Easy Method)

How to Get GPS Coordinates from Google Maps?

Hello Guys, Welcome Today, I will tell you, How to Get GPS Coordinates from Google Maps using the website through the web browser like Google Chrome and by using Google Maps application on a smartphone.

But first, we will talk about GPS Coordinates. So Let’s get started.

What is GPS Coordinates?

GPS coordinates are most commonly expressed as latitude and longitude. If we talk about Latitude and longitude, Latitude defines the North-South position of any location on Earth Surface and Longitude defines the East-West position of any location on Earth Surface. You can identify any location of the Earth by using its Unique GPS Coordinates. The global GPS system actually doesn’t have a coordinates system of its own. It uses “geographic coordinates” systems that already existed before GPS. GPS coordinates provide a location’s latitude and longitude, like 48.860618, 2.337987

When you are to going to that place which have no street name or proper address then it may be hard to find a destination. So, in that situation what to do? The simple answer to this question is that you can put the GPS coordinates in your car’s automotive navigation system or in Google Maps application. 

How to Get GPS Coordinates from Google Maps in your PC Browser?

So, How to find that GPS Coordinates for that location to share with your friends or relatives? Just follow these steps below to find.


Step 1: Open Google Maps in your Computer Browser and search for any place or street or any location for which you need GPS Coordinates.

Step 2: Now, Right Click on that Place on Map and Select “What’s here” option as shown in the screenshot below.

How do I find the GPS coordinates for an address?

Step 3: See the bottom of the screen as shown in the screenshot below, you will get the GPS Coordinates.

How do I change the GPS coordinates in Google Maps?

Step 4: Click on that GPS Coordinates to open the Box in the left side of your screen which shows the proper address of that location, wherein Latitude & Longitude coordinates will be given in two formats. Just save these Coordinates or you can share these coordinates directly to your phone or share with your Relatives.

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