Domain Name Registration: #1 Shocking How-To Guide To Domain Name Registration

Domain Name Registration is a problem faced by many newbies who wish to enter into digital marketing space and want to make a career in it.

domain name registration the unconventional guide

What is a domain name?

Domain names are the web address you are familiar with, for example, Web browsers use these to find the right website. They are pointers to IP addresses but these are a string of numbers that are harder to remember and not descriptive. So we use domain names. But you cannot just pick a domain name and then that is it.

How do you register a domain name?

You need to choose a registrar to process the name and register it. Here is a look at how to go about cheap domain name registration.

  1. Find a registrar – there are a lot of options so first of all, you need to choose one.  You need to choose a domain registrar which is reliable and good with some kind of good reputation. Then you need to check on the registrar’s site that whether the domain name is not already in use. If it is, you will have to come up with a new one. If it is free then you can proceed to buy your desired domain.
  2. Choosing how long you want to register for – you can select how long you want ownership of the domain name, from a year up to ten years usually. Of course, as it comes to the end of the time you have chosen you then have the option to renew. Some registrars will have a minimum requirement so if you only want a year, check that out. Wondering how many years you should go for? If this is for a business website then at least five years would be good if not more. If you are not sure about how long you will have the website for then go for the shorter options. Some registrars will offer automatic renewals so you do not have to worry about losing the domain name for your website. Once you have the domain name handled then you can look at cheap web hosting WordPress platforms.
  3. In some cases choosing between private or public registration – You then might have the choice between going for public registration or private. Not all do but with the public, it is a cheap domain name registration but all your information is there for the public to see so it is less secure. Your phone number, address, email address are all visible and you could be targeted with spamming and fraud. With private registering, you get more security but it costs more as the registrar will do it in their name on your behalf. It means you are not the owner of the domain name but you pay to use it. When they get mail it is forwarded to you.
  4. For public domain registering you need to enter your information – If you go the public domain route then you now need to fill out the contact information. Every domain name can have up to 4 contacts. There is the owner, the administrator, the billing person and the tech person. You can fill in the same details for each one if it is all you! It then takes a couple of days for the registration to become final.

Conclusion: How To Do A Domain Name Registration

Once you have your domain name registration handled you are then ready to find a web host and perhaps look for cheap web hosting WordPress, or something that best suits your website and your needs.

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