The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated)

If you are searching for the 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box in 2022, you are at the right place.

Android TV Box Launcher is basically a kind of jumping off or launching software for your Android TV. It helps in starting all the activities on an Android TV. The launcher helps in putting the optimized content menu in front in easy to follow manner. This makes the user quite easy.

What Are The Best Android TV Launchers

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The Top 10 And Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022

Android TV default launcher which comes pre-installed can be replaced easily. You simply need to download the launcher on your device. There are a lot of launchers available which can drastically improve the user experience. We have created a list of Best Launcher for Android TV Box for 2022 using our stringent guidelines process.

Let’s dive deeper into the list of Best Android TV Box Launchers.

1) Ugoos TV

Ugoos TV launcher for android tv box

This is a quite popular launcher for Android TV. The user interface is a bit different if you compare it with your regular launcher. The left side of the launcher features a scrolling wheel which lets you browse through broad categories such as apps, games, internet. Ugoos TV is equipped with 9 themes which you can use. All these themes support customizable backgrounds, icons and adaptive remote controls.

Download: Ugoos TV (Free)

2) Square Home 3

square home 3 launcher for android tv box

This launcher is ideal if you have a cheap TV Box. It has all the functionality related to customization. You can customize icons, colours, shades or widgets and wallpapers as per your choice. The interface which Square Home 3 provides is similar to Metro UI type which seems to be found in later versions of Windows.

Download: Square Home 3 Launcher

3) TVHome Launcher

tv home launcher - launcher for android tv box

For people who own Samsung or LG TV’s which run on operating systems such as TiezenOS or webOS then this is a perfect fit for them.

The layout is pretty simple and straight forward. All the apps are displayed in a single line keeping the minimalistic approach. The background image is neutral, however, you can customize it too. You can scroll the apps by using the left and right buttons on your Android TV Remote.

TVHome Launcher is known for keeping a minimalistic approach hence it does not drain much system resources making it very good for underpowered Android TV Box

Download: TVHome Launcher

4) ATV Launcher

The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated) 1

ATV Launcher is really an amazing Android TV launcher as it is simple, intuitive and highly customizable for your Android TV Box. ATV Launcher provides custom tile support and you can set custom colour or image for any application or widget.

With ATV Launcher you can set a custom wallpaper even on TV’s which do not have native wallpaper support.

Download: ATV Launcher

5) Simple TV Launcher

The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated) 2

This is a free and simple Launcher for Android TV Boxes. It comes with 6 highly customizable applications where you can access and assign all the apps which you need or frequently use. Simple TV Launcher is designed for 720p and 1080p screens. It is a fairly stable launcher which even allows you to have animated wallpapers

Download: Simple TV Launcher

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6) HALauncher

The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated) 3

At times you will find a lot of apps which are not built for Android TV, HALauncher can open all that type of apps easily. Sometimes in some TV boxes and portable consoles do not show some apps which otherwise can be opened in the background, such type of issues can be handled by this launcher which makes it be truly amazing.

You can change the wallpaper as well as can do customisations in terms of fonts, size and colours.

Download: HALauncher

7) Sideload Launcher

The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated) 4

This launcher is quite similar to HALauncher as it can load all the background apps which do not appear on the Home and are not compatible with the Android TV. There are chances that some of those apps won’t work because of the compatibility issues. If we compare it with HALauncher then it is more stable than it.

Download: Sideload Launcher

8) Noblex Launcher

The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated) 5

This is pretty decent looking launcher designed for Android TV. It looks quite similar to Square Home 3, however, the customisation is not much there as there are very fewer configurations options

9) Smart Launcher 5

The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated) 6

This launcher is basically designed for mobile screens however it can fit bigger screens like TV’s too quite easily. It offers two customization options for desktops. A quite basic app with minimalist designs.

Download: Smart Launcher 5

10) Mega TV Launcher

The 10 Best Launcher for Android TV Box 2022 (Updated) 7

This is a stable launcher and doesn’t experience many crashes.

On the downside, it has got one central window where all the browsing of apps and related things happen, which makes it a bit complicated with not so good user experience. Moreover with no configurations options available makes it quite inflexible.

Download: Mega TV Launcher

Conclusion: Best Launcher for Android TV Box

The thing is you are the best judge in deciding which launcher is best for your Android TV box launchers experience. We suggest you try all and choose to keep the one which best suits your needs. We hope now you can make a proper decision to get the Best Launcher for Android TV Box.

Please come back here often as we will updating this list with further Best Android TV Launchers 2022

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