Best 10 Mind Mapping Softwares Of 2020 (Top Selective)

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Today we will tell you about Best 10 Mind Mapping Softwares Of 2020 which we have selected using various stringent parameters.

Let’s understand what makes Best Mind Mapping Softwares so good.

Mind mapping basically is a creative exercise where you write down a key idea or a theme on a blank piece of paper and then expand the idea by draw lines & boxes in and out connecting the central idea. Mind mapping starts with a big idea and from there you would start working your way down into smaller and smaller sections interconnecting your main idea. This big idea is like a tree trunk, each idea is like a branch, each sub-idea is like a smaller branch, and so on down.

Best 10 Mind Mapping Softwares Of 2020 (Top Selective)

Though mind mapping technique was originally created for teaching and learning purposes, using mind mapping techniques one can form business strategies & product concepts. But jotting down ideas on a paper has its creative limitations.

Mind mapping tools can help you structure your chaotic ideas.

What Makes (Best) Mind Mapping Softwares Great Instead of Using Paper?

Mind mapping softwares have a lot of unique features compared to a normal paper. Some of the common unique features are:

Unlimited canvas:- Paper has a limited canvas size, hence it may cut your creativity short. Mind mapping tools provide you with an unlimited canvas, thereby allowing you to brainstorm until you’re done.

Ability to attach files:- Sometimes plain text won’t be enough to communicate your ideas, or you may want to add an attachment as part of your brainstorming. So, mind mapping apps can help you attach links, images, and other files to your mind map.

Collaboration features:- Cloud-based mind mapping apps make it very easy for multiple users to collaborate and comment on the canvas. These apps also allow you to share/sync across multiple devices so that multiple users can revise the mind map at any instance.

Ability to save and export:- These apps allow you to save, edit your mind map or even export them.

Top & Best 10 Mind Mapping Softwares Of 2020

  1. FreeMind (macOS, Windows, Linux)

FreeMind (macOS, Windows, Linux)

FreeMind is a free and open-source mind mapping application for Windows, macOS and Linux. Even though it’s a little less user-friendly and less intuitive compared to other free apps, but still it’s very powerful and flexible.

Since FreeMind is an open-source platform, it doesn’t have much collaboration features so it’s best for a single user.


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  1. (Web) (Web) is a web-based mind mapping tool that focuses purely in mind mapping & it’s perfect for individuals who are always on-the-go. It’s the mostly simplest cloud brainstorming apps available. has a Free plan and a Premium plan. Free plan users are limited to 3 mind maps with basic features. The Premium plan costs $6 per month and it has features like revision history & Realtime collaboration.


  1. Padlet (web, iOS, Android, Kindle)

Padlet (web, iOS, Android, Kindle)

Padlet is a collaborative mind mapping tool that lets businesses and individuals create boards, documents, and web pages to organize their ideas in a secured space that is accessible via mobile and desktop devices. Padlet supports 29 languages and more languages are being added frequently. Padlet has plans for individuals costing $8.25 per month. schools called Padlet Backpack and for businesses called Padlet Briefcase, and their pricing starts at $12 per user.


  1. XMind 8 (macOS, Windows, iOS)

XMind 8 (macOS, Windows, iOS)

XMind is a professional brainstorming application that specializes in mind mapping which is widely used by startups and many fortune 500 companies. Whether you need to make a standard mind map, a timeline, a Venn diagram, or any other type of visual learning structure, XMind is the right tool for you.

There are 3 pricing options available:- XMind 8 (free version), XMind Zen ($4.99 per month) and XMind 8 Pro ($129).


  1. MindMeister (Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

MindMeister (Web, iOS, Android, macOS, Windows)

MindMeister is a robust web-based mind mapping program having a database of over 7 million users. MindMeister can embed live videos inside your nodes. You can add team members to your mind map and they can upvote, downvote ideas, and even leave comments for you to take note. Using widgets, you can set priority tasks along with due dates to monitor their progress.

There are 4 pricing options available:- Basic (free version), Personal ($4.99 per month), Pro ($8.25 per month) and Business ($12.49 per month).


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  1. WiseMapping (Web)

WiseMapping (Web)

WiseMapping is a free online Java-based, open-source mind mapping software for individuals and businesses that can run in any web browser. WiseMapping server edition is also available for businesses.


  1. Canva (Web, iOS & Android)

Canva (Web, iOS & Android)

Canva is a very useful mind mapping software preloaded with ready-to-use images, photo filters, icons, shapes, and fonts. Companies like Netflix, Amazon, Apple etc use it. this platform allows you to organize your thoughts in a more visually appealing manner.

There are 2 pricing options available:- Basic (free version), and Pro ($12.95 per month).


  1. Mindomo (macOS, Windows, Linux, iPad, Android)

Mindomo (macOS, Windows, Linux, iPad, Android)

Mindomo is the perfect mind mapping software for teachers and students which allows to customize assignments, access student maps and set up student groups, convert maps into presentations among many other functions.

There are 4 pricing options available:- Basic (free version), Premium ($40.63/ 6 months), Professional ($101.10/ 6 months) and Team ($159.52/ 6 months).


  1. GoConqr (Web)

GoConqr (Web)

GoConqr is a mind mapping software that helps learners, educators, institutions, and private companies to leverage the power of visual learning. Based on customer feedback, the developers of this program provide regular updates. The Hints and Tips section ensures that you don’t get lost while using its various functions. The software supports Flashcards. More GoConqr features can be found in our review of the system.

There are 2 pricing options available:- Basic (free version), and Premium ($2.75 per month).


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  1. IdeaFlip (Web)

IdeaFlip (Web)

Suitable for change agents, team leaders and innovators who are looking for a mind-mapping software that has a very highly collaborative space.

There are 2 pricing options available:- Basic (($9 per month), and Enterprise ($145 one time).


Conclusion (Best 10 Mind Mapping Softwares Of 2020)

We have tried to analyse on lots of parameters and have compiled this list of Best 10 Mind Mapping Softwares Of 2020. Hope now you will have a clear idea about the various Mind Mappy Softwares and Tools available in the market.

We would also request you to kindly share this post to the maximum so that it reaches the people who actually intend and might need this information.





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